A little About Grounded

What does it mean to be Grounded?

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Grounded as: mentally and emotionally stable; admirably sensible, realistic, and unpretentious.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Ground as:  a basis for belief, action, or argument;  a fundamental logical condition;  a basic metaphysical cause;  soil, earth:  a special soil;  an object that makes an electrical connection with the earth; a large conducting body (as the earth) used as a common return for an electric circuit and as an arbitrary zero of potential;  electric connection with a ground

Using these two terms as inspiration, we define Grounded as:

                                 i.      A return to our natural healthy state; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

                                ii.      Connection with the Earth, with ourselves, with our family, friends, and community.

                                iii.      A state of being sound in one’s purpose, philosophy, morals, and vision.

When you are Grounded, energy is able to flow freely through a physical structure, such as in a wire, or in our case, our bodies.  Allowing different energies to properly move through our being enables us to be fully connected with it, to experience our reality, and to allow it to pass through us as we grow beyond our present state.

Being Grounded is about living a life of purpose, passion, and authenticity.  It all starts with a balanced nerve system.

Our Approach

Upper Cervical Care

The upper cervical spine is quite arguably the most vital area of our spinal column, and further, the body as a whole.  Every nerve pathway of the entire neurospinal system, with the exception of cranial nerves IX, X, and XI (glossopharyngeal, vagus, and spinal accessory), pass through the junction between the brain/skull and body: the atlas vertebra, and can therefore be directly affected by neurospinal distortion (subluxation) at this area.  The other three nerves can also be affected through indirect ‘downstream’ mechanisms.

 The atlas vertebra is the uppermost bone in your neck, and is named after the Greek character Atlas, whose job is to hold up the globe, your brain and skull.  Below it is the Axis, so named because it is the axis of rotation for our head and neck.  These top two bones are unique to all the rest that are within the spinal column, and due to their proximity with the vital area of the brainstem and its associated nuclei (functional groupings of nerve cells) within the spinal cord, they are taken into careful and specific primary focus. 

The upper cervical spine is the most heavily monitored joint in the entire body.  Therefore, it must be extremely important.  Just 0.4* degrees can alter muscle spindle (a type of sensor) firing and information, which means that even slight imbalances can lead to big changes.  The sensory signals from this area go directly to the cerebellum, into the vestibular nucleus, the brain cortex and thalamus: all very important areas for overall coordination and harmonized function of our bodies.

Distortions present at this area can cause subsequent areas of distortion, through mechanisms of compensation and response to abnormal signaling.  This creates a downward spiral of interference in information coming in, as well as altered information going out, which leads to a state of decreased adaptability and function we call dis-ease.



Due to the extreme importance and impact of the upper cervical spine on so many of Life’s incredible processes, adjusting this area should be focused, specific, and gentle.  I have therefore dedicated years into mastery of a gentle, fast, specific, and amazing technique to adjust this area which is Upper Cervical Specific Toggle-Recoil. 

Rather than manipulate or force the vertebra to a new position, this style of adjusting is more of an invitation to the body which creates the environment for your body’s own Innate wisdom to place the vertebra in the exact location in which it needs to be for optimal function.   There is no popping, twisting, or cracking involved at all.  This technique uses specific analysis to determine the unique vector in which to apply a fast, light force which helps to set the vertebra into a temporary state of oscillation (subtle vibration).  Because the body is relaxed, the vertebra is able to settle into the exact, unique position which is Normal and Optimal for YOU.

My goal is to introduce a force, a stimulus, into the system in a constructive, specific manner to allow the body’s Natural Intelligence to place the neurospinal system in a state of ease and optimal function, wherever that physical location of the bone may be.

When this happens, the body is opened up to a greater awareness of its internal and external environment, which means it has better information and signaling to adapt, create, and restore healthy, normal function.  Given time, a higher state of adaptability, function, performance, and health is the result.

Once this area (the upper cervical spine) is clear of interference, I then look to the rest of the spine to ‘fine tune’  the totality of the spine and nervous system to normal Tone and state of ease, using gentle, light touch approaches.

Meet your Chiropractor


Dr. Taylor Stoecklin, DC

I began my healthcare journey in my undergraduate studies at Saint Louis University, where I studied Biology with a Pre-Med focus.  During my tenure, I quickly realized that my personal philosophy about Health and Vitality did not match with the traditional Western medical approach. 

A seeker of truth, my journey led me to discover Chiropractic, whose philosophy of vitalism and an Innate Intelligence within living beings aligned much more cohesively with my own.

I attended Chiropractic school at Logan University in St. Louis, MO.  It was there, and at a local chiropractor's office, that I learned the true magnificence of Chiropractic, and its ability to change people's lives.

I believe that for true healing to take place, it must come from within.  By emancipating the body's nervous system from interference through specific and gentle chiropractic adjustments, the body's innate wisdom is liberated to properly coordinate its functions, and health and vibrancy are the result.

I believe that regardless of the health issue, each and every one of us benefits from a more coherent brain-body connection and optimally functioning nervous system. 

Yours in Health and Happiness,