Every Other Step

Imagine for a moment that with every other step, you were stepping into a hole.


What if that were happening for 1 year?  5 years?  10 years? Do you think it would impact your hips, sacroiliac joints, knees, ankles, low back?


This is effectively what is happening with sacral + pelvic imbalance.  The pelvis and sacrum are torqued, often one side is hiked up, resulting in a functional short leg.  Often times people go to a chiropractor to get their ‘hip/SI popped’, which results in some temporary relief, but no lasting change.


What if there was a better, more sustainable way to resolve this issue?


There is!  Quite often, the misalignment of the sacrum/pelvis is a compensation from subluxation of the atlas (cervical vertebra #1), or axis (cervical vertebra #2).  WHY?


Subluxation at this area significantly influences the way the entire body organizes itself against gravity.  Our neck proprioception (where it senses it is in space) dictates our bodies orientation and also its perception of motion.


Inputs from this area to the vestibular nucleus and cerebellum may also lead to entire body compensatory muscle firing, leading to a variety of musculoskeletal conditions.


Restoration of proper orientation, movement, and neural signaling to the upper cervical spine can allow for the body to reorganize according to its Normal, Optimal commands, and thus shift the sacrum+pelvis back to normal function.