Saying 'YES!' to your Weirdness

In his talk, “Saying YES! to your Weirdness”, JP Sears, in his subtle satirical manner, expands upon the idea of how many of us avoid truly being ourselves in order to receive approval.  He even refers to being normal as ‘the most pervasive disease’ among people today.  He encourages us to embrace and embody our weirdness because, he believes, that our unique weirdness is a bread crumb trail that leads you to you, your authentic self.  It always leads us to who we really are.

Think about who inspires you.  What inspires you about them is the fact that they’re weird.  Their weirdness actually delivers them to us.  We get exposed to who they are because they’re willing to risk being their unapologetic selves.

He believes that we “constipate the expression of our weirdness, and therefore the expression of our true selves because were all approval addicts.”  We learn to please people for their approval in childhood because we are searching for our fundamental need for connection.

JP encourages us to change our perception about these pains in our lives, and see how to find the blessing within the curse, so we don’t have to avoid it.  This, he says, will enable us to embody the ‘YES!’ to our weirdness, and ultimately to ourselves.  By consciously making this choice to embrace our weirdness moment-by-moment, we find the cure for normal.