Step One:  Attend a Weekly Orientation

Attending a weekly group orientation is a wonderful way to learn more about what we do here at Grounded Chiropractic and how we can help you live the life you deserve: one at your peak potential.

Group orientations allow us to educate and inform many members of the community at once, and allows us to streamline the initial visit with clients who have attended an orientation.  Because of this, we all save something so valuable: our time.  With this in mind, attendees of Monday night Orientations are eligible for significant discounts for their initial exam should they choose to start care.

Orientations are held weekly at our office every Monday at 7:00pm.

What to Expect

Your First Visit

Your initial visit will take about an hour.  During this time, we will collect data such as a comprehensive health profile which assesses your overall health and stress from several perspectives.  To speed up the process, it is highly recommended that you complete and return this health questionnaire online 24 hours before your first visit.