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If you are looking to begin a healing journey which takes you off of the trail of symptom-chasing, limited progress, and temporary solutions, and onto a path of sustainable change, further growth, and claiming the life you deserve, then our office is for you. 

What makes the Grounded Experience Different?

We all understand the ingredients for health

Good nutrition.  Clean water.  Air.  Sunlight.  Movement.  Sleep.  Positive social relationships.

But we can have all of these things in the right amounts and still be sick.

That’s because our nervous system uses all those ingredients and orchestrates the processes of life to produce health and normal function.

Your nervous system controls and coordinates every function of your body.  This includes things like breathing, heart rate, immune system function, hormone levels, and more.  It is extremely important that the messages from the brain to the body, and from the body to the brain, are free of any compromise and are functioning normally.

Sometimes, a misalignment within the spine may compromise the signals travelling along the spinal cord.  This is called a vertebral subluxation.  Not only does this create prolonged stress within the body, but also negatively affects the entire nervous system, causing the body to be less adaptable, and break down.

A Chiropractic adjustment frees the spine of any compromise and restores normal neurological function so that a person's body may now begin the process of rebuilding itself well again.  

You see, we believe you were designed to be healthy and not sick.

We know you believe this to be true as well.

So, if we find ourselves or our loved ones in a state of sickness or despair, in a state of less than optimal health and function, then there must have been some cause. Some form of interference which is affecting the body’s ability to be well.

That’s what we look for and correct, and in doing so help allow your body to return to its optimum state of health and quality of life.

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What People Are Experiencing:

  • I have been receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Stoecklin for 3 years and have had my life transform from pain to fullest expression of health. Since receiving care from Dr. Stoecklin, I have had my scoliosis curve decrease by 14 degrees in just one year by receiving very gentle adjustments. My chronic knee pain went away after my very first adjustment, after months of physical therapy were unsuccessful. After receiving care consistently, I do not get sick as frequently, I sleep well, I feel calm throughout my day, and am able to have a healthier relationship with myself and those around me. Dr. Stoecklin is very caring and mindful when working with others, and takes his time to make sure he is providing the best care tailored to anyone's needs. He takes time to listen to anything I need to say about how I have been doing, and explains what he is working on clearly so that I can understand his work and my nervous system. I would recommend Dr. Stoecklin to anyone, including children with and without special needs.
    — A.B.
  • I received upper cervical care and treatment from Dr. Stoecklin in the Fall of 2016. I have had back pain from scoliosis from the past 10 years and have seen numerous chiropractors and massage therapists over the years. The pain relief, ease, and calmness that I felt from upper cervical care was better and more effective than any of those other treatments I'd gotten in the past. It's one small adjustment in your neck and the rest of the spine and body fall into place. Dr. Stoecklin is very skilled and did a great job explaining how upper cervical works. He was calm, attentive and cared to my needs. I liked that he made time for me to rest and reset after an adjustment. He would let me rest in a special room after the adjustment and play calming music to help me feel at ease and let the benefits of the adjustment sink in. I highly recommend upper cervical care from Dr. Stoecklin for anyone who experiences chronic back pain!
    — M.H
  • After months of constant neck pain and trying several different pillows, I decided to seek the help of Dr. Taylor Stoecklin. He explained to me about upper cervical treatment and what to expect. I am thrilled to say my neck pain is completely gone. I have the utmost respoect for Dr. Stoecklin and his chiropractic work, and definitely recommend him to anyone.
    — B.H.

The Beauty of Chiropractic is that it works with Natural means. It puts nothing new into the body, nor does it take away any natural gland or organ. Chiropractic simply releases Life Forces WITHIN the body, sets free rivulets of energy over nerves, and lets Nature do her work in a normal manner.
— B. J. Palmer